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Photocopiers Buyers' Guide

Colour copiers take digital progress a step further and combine scanning solutions with the technology of a laser printer. After scanning the original, a laser inscribes the information on an image drum in such as way as to charge certain areas. The colour toner then sticks to these areas before passing on to the surface of the paper. The toner and the paper are heated and the image becomes permanent.

The quickest, but also the most expensive colour photocopiers do all colours in one go. Less expensive photocopiers will do it each of the four primary colours separately. In the first case you save time, and the second you save money.

Colour photocopier editing features

There are a number of standard functions in colour copiers that you can use to remove borders, centre images, and adjust and balance colours. With a photocopier on your network, you can also modify your image on your PC before sending the final version for printing.

If having image editing features directly on the photocopier is of interest to you, have those requirements in mind before comparing different machines. It can be complicated because different manufacturers use different names for the same function. In this case, ask the salesperson or your reseller to demonstrate how to use the features that correspond to what you need.

Colour Copier Consumables

A large part of the cost of using a photocopier is the consumables. As time goes by, this percentage tends to get larger and larger. You will typically need to plan for paper and toner. Other items such as developer and fuser oil are still requirements for some models. However, the newer polymerised toners means that fuser oil (part of the heating process to fix the image on the paper) is no longer needed for some machines.

  • Paper costs will vary according to the quality of the paper you select. As an example, if you want to do colour printing, you will probably need a grade of paper that is more expensive than what's required for plain black and white copying.
  • Toner and developer for colour photocopying will also require a larger budget. You'll typically need to buy four lots of toner corresponding to the four basic colours of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Developer is used to help toner adhere to the copier drum. You will know if it's time to replace one or the other by the following: the developer needs replacing when the copies seem to get paler, and the toner needs replacing when the colour becomes uneven.
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