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How to Choose the Best HR Consultancy

HR Services Buyers' Guide

As with any service, you have to be comfortable that you are choosing a company that provides the best all-round package that you can trust. Many different factors will influence your decision over the course of doing your research, so it is best to be thorough when making contact with prospective companies.

Reputation and Standing

Perhaps the most important thing to be sure of when outsourcing HR is the reputation of a company. As their expertise is in dealing with people, it is extremely valuable to find out what people think of their service. If they are not available on their website, ask for some testimonials from current clients. It is also worth noting which companies they currently have as clients.

Services and Pricing

Once you have narrowed down your search to a few reputable companies you can then start thinking about pricing and particular service packages. (As mentioned before, companies should offer a free initial healthcheck which should give you a good feel for how they operate.)

Once you are happy with what they have to say you can start exploring different packages. After talking with multiple HR companies you should have a really good idea of what you can get for your money and the type of service arrangement that would suit your company/industry the best.

Account Management

Most HR companies should be able to assign you your own personal account manager. This obviously builds trust and familiarity in your ongoing relationship with them. Make sure you fully understand payment plans and ask them to explain exactly what services they can provide you for your money.

Availability and Flexibility

The company should be easily contactable, be able to prove that they have a good track record, and be flexible around your needs. Always remember that they are ultimately serving you, and will operate in the best way possible to ensure your company abides by employment laws. If you have any concerns throughout the term of their contract you need to feel comfortable in addressing them with your account manager.

Ultimately you need to pick the company that demonstrate their passion for your cause, offer a fair package, and are accessible when you need them.

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