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What do Outsource HR Companies Offer?

HR Services Buyers' Guide

It's not just the practical benefits that attract business to outsource HR companies, they are also attracted by the cost-saving aspect, and of course the knowledge that workplace issues are being dealt with by a team of trained professionals.

Healthchecks and Audits

The company you employ are there to help you with any HR areas you wish to be addressed. You probably know the areas you need help with, so make this known to them. For larger, more complex set-ups, the majority of HR companies out there will offer some sort of free initial consultancy - often referred to as a 'healthcheck'. Within this healthcheck the company will assess your current situation, make a report and offer a package that will suit your needs.


Human Resources deals with the trickiest of all subjects - people. There are myriad complex situations and personal issues which can arise in the workplace, and an HR company will have a wealth of expertise in dealing with these. It is essential that these matters are dealt with sensitively and conforming to employment law.


Clearly, there can be some instances that are far out of your own realm of knowledge. So the reassurance of knowing a company can deal with these for you provides welcome comfort. A failure to deal with employee problems in a correct way can lead to you being severely reprimanded and facing payouts for compensation or in the form of fines. An outsource HR company offers help in difficult situations and takes responsibility for the way it is handled.


The HR company you choose will always be available throughout your working relationship. They will carry out time-saving administrative tasks and provide support when needed. Because it is absolutely crucial to get this part of your business right, outsourcing your HR goes far beyond the basic financial outlay you will spend on it.

Renewed Focus

You are paying for the expertise, the reassurance, the safety of knowing your company is abiding by employment laws. You are also containing all of your employee issues to one managed service. All of these result in a realigned focus on running your business day-to-day. The distraction of HR services is removed, and you can concentrate on moving your business forward.

Outsource HR companies offer all of these advantages, and can often be more cost-effective than employing your own in-house team. Explore every angle. The truth is, difficult situations will arise in the business world, and having an expert HR team as support can be invaluable.

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