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The benefits of payroll outsourcing services in the UK

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A large company will generally keep its payroll service in-house to maintain control and flexibility in its dealings with employees. This particularly applies if the company offers overtime, bonuses, a pension scheme, health insurance and staff loans for travel expenses.

Small and medium size companies can use accounting software to help them manage the payroll process. But the cost of buying the software and updating it, and the need to have a trained member of staff available to use it, can be a financial and administrative headache. The legal requirement to submit year end returns to each employee and HMRC; the need to keep abreast of deductions such as statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay and paternity pay; and the repayment from wages and salaries of such things as student loans and tax credit overpayments all add to this burden.

Payroll outsourcing services in the UK can deal with these matters and provide timely advice to ensure you’re meeting an employer’s statutory obligations. You can then plan your business activities without the delays caused by weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay arrangements.

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