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How online payroll services work

Payroll Services Buyer's Guide

Basic information

To allow your payroll service provider to do its job on time, you must supply the basic payroll information regularly and in full. There’s no longer any need to do this by phone or fax: the payroll service will give you software on which you enter the necessary details. Once you’ve completed the appropriate fields, you send the information online over the Internet on a dedicated PC or laptop that’s independent of your business network. This way, you limit access within your company to the software and data.

Another way of passing over your payroll information electronically is by entering the details directly on the provider’s computer system. You can do this online from your own location if the provider has a web-based programme and gives you security access.

Payment transfers

Once the online payroll services provider has completed the calculations for the pay period, it transfers the relevant sums from your bank account into those of your employees by BACS. Alternatively, you can do this yourself when the online payroll service tells you the amounts. Your provider can also send the PAYE and employer’s national insurance contributions to HMRC or notify you of the money that’s due.

HMRC forms

Nowadays, you can complete most HMRC tax forms online. If you ask your online payroll services supplier to fill these out on your behalf, ensure you receive copies.

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