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The cost of outsourcing to a certified payroll professional

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The way certified payroll professionals present their quotes may vary. Some offer a flat rate for an annual service that covers a certain number of employees and includes the completion of all year end HMRC forms. Others charge a monthly fee, again based on the number of employees, and charge separately for returning all HMRC documents.

The best approach is to get quotes from certified payroll professionals for at least a year, although you should always ask if there’s a discounted rate if you sign up for longer. Also check there are no hidden extras such as payment for removing staff from the payroll, or for adjusting an HMRC form if there’s a query. And if you hope to expand your business in the future, get a quote on how much providers will charge you for additional employees.

If you have ten employees, a basic annual charge that includes the completion of HMRC forms is around £600 - £800. Extra staff may cost about £65 each. If you have a larger company, you can probably negotiate a discounted rate with your certified payroll professional.

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