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Tips on choosing the best payroll service provider

Payroll Service Provider Buyer's Guide


Some payroll service providers have additional services based around pensions management, accountancy and bookkeeping. You may wish to take advantage of these but don’t lose sight of your need for an experienced payroll service provider, so ask providers how long they’ve been in business and how many clients they have.

Professional accreditation

Check that a payroll service provider belongs to an organisation such as the IPP. The IPP helps to maintain high standards and offers its members the chance to acquire relevant qualifications in payroll management.

Easy payroll services changeover

Ask providers how they’ll handle the change from your current payroll system to theirs. The last thing you want is staff under or overpaid, or HMRC returns completed incorrectly or ignored altogether.


Be cautious of payroll service deals that offer cheap or even free services for a limited period. If you’re tempted, make sure you know exactly what the provider will charge for the basic service plus extras once the period finishes.

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