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Payroll Accounting Services

How often will you process payroll for your employees?

Are most of your employees paid on an hourly or salaried basis?

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Key questions to ask payroll accounting services

Payroll Accounting Services

To ensure you're making an accurate assessment among different possible payroll accounting services for your payroll account, ask the same questions. Here are BuyerZone's suggestions for the best questions to pose.

Features offered

  • What does your basic payroll accounting service include?
  • Besides payroll and tax filing, what additional services do you offer? What do they cost? (The list can be ,long, from VAT returns and pension plans to personnel forms, etc.)
  • Can you send me a sample payroll package that includes all the materials I would receive each payroll period, that is, each quarter and each year?
  • Can I see an example of the worksheets I will be using to enter payroll data? What is your payroll coding system like?
  • How can I communicate payroll data? What percentage of your clients currently use the option I prefer? Do you have a "never-busy" fax policy?
  • Is your software compatible with my computer system?
  • Will I be working with a dedicated rep or a customer service pool? If I have a dedicated rep, what happens when he or she is out of the office? If I have a pool, how many reps will be in my pool? Will this pool have a supervisor?
  • What methods ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of the entered data?
  • What additional costs are associated with direct deposit? What are the limitations? How many different accounts can my employees deposit into?
  • How many deductions can I make per employee?
  • How are changes in tax status and addition/deletion of personnel communicated? What are the deadlines for each pay period?
  • How quickly can you rerun a payroll if there is a mistake? Will you rerun the reports if that happens?
  • What training do your customer service reps get? How high is the turnover among the reps?
  • If I switch to you, who will be responsible for handling and setting up my payroll account?
  • How long does your average client stay with you? How big is the business of your average client?
  • Can you track sick days, holidays, bank holidays, etc. for each employee, too?

Tax filing and notification

  • If I use your tax filing service, do you cover the penalties and/or interest charges?
  • Do you provide filing assistance for business rates?
  • How will you handle the HMRC requirements?
  • If you don't file taxes for me, will you notify me of my tax obligations?
  • Will you complete all the forms I need to submit?
  • When are the funds for paying taxes taken from our company's payroll account?
  • How do you research changes in legislation and regulations?

Cost of service

  • What is the cost for your payroll accounting service for one year, including year end tax forms?
  • How long are these rates in effect? What rate increase should I expect after that?
  • If there are payroll data mistakes, how long will it take to reconcile the errors and what will it cost?
  • Are there charges for adding/dropping an employee, or for adjusting employee information?
  • Are pay cheques, BACS payments, and tax payments drawn against our company's payroll accounts or yours? If yours, when are funds transferred?
  • Will you offer me a free trial?

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