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Payroll services for Hampshire

Payroll Services

Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Hampshire has a diverse range of industries, and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the UK. As a result, the companies who supply payroll services to this popular south coast area have significant experience. They deal with thriving major companies in the cities, and many small and medium-sized businesses located in market towns such as Andover, Lymington, Romsey, and Whitchurch.


The ports at the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth are world-renowned. Southampton handles not just sea-going imports and exports, but also much of the UK’s passenger traffic to and from Europe and America. A few miles away, Portsmouth has an armed forces base, and a host of civilian contractors who build and maintain vessels of the Royal Navy.

If you make your living from these major commercial and military docks, you’ll appreciate the need to deliver the best possible service to your clients. Payroll service companies can help by removing the daily problems associated with paying staff and completing HM Revenue & Customs tax returns.


The maritime influence within Hampshire has led to a higher than average number of high-tech firms in the county. These companies work along the coast, and in areas such as Winchester and Basingstoke. They rely on payroll services companies to manage the pension schemes, health insurance, and bonuses of their staff.

The technology companies are also keen to retain the expertise of their employees. As you may know from experience, this means ensuring staff receive their salaries on time and correctly. Payroll services companies calculate all necessary deductions such as income tax, national insurance, student loan repayments, and union fees, and make the right payments to the right bank accounts. They also handle statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, and tax credits.


Every year, there are more than 30 million day trippers to Hampshire and more than 4 million long stay holidaymakers. They come to the seaside resorts, the New Forest National Park, and the South Downs.

Tourism is a major business and attracts many full and part-time workers. Anyone who manages these employees, with their shifts and seasonal work patterns, is well aware how difficult it is to keep track of basic pay, overtime, and tax. Payroll services companies help resolve this problem with specific software. This allows you to update an employee’s hours and conditions on a computer without the need to make phone calls or fill out forms.

Contacting payroll services companies

Whatever your field of work in Hampshire, a payroll services company may make your life easier. Remember though to ensure the service suits your needs. Ask each company questions about the availability of management reports; what’s included in the fees; and whether the company guarantees to meet HM Revenue & Customs deadlines.

To start things moving, complete our free payroll services request for quotes form without delay.

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