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Choosing a Sales Training Course

Sales Training Buyers' Guide

Upon deciding that you wish to invest in sales training, you are presented with a number of different types of courses. It is absolutely paramount that you identify the areas in which you feel could be improved within your team.

Once you have your direction it becomes easier to identify a particular training provider. You can then narrow this down further by thinking about the product(s) you are selling, and the market you are targeting.


If you are confident in your aims then you will be able to make the best decision possible with the information presented to you. When contacting a training provider, always envision the way that their offering would work with your sales team. Would the subject matter be engaging? Does the company have a good track record with similar businesses in your industry?

Reputation and Recommendations

You have to trust that they are going to be able to deliver exactly what they have proposed to you. Case studies, testimonials and references are valuable - try to gather as much information about their training packages from previous clients as possible.

Location & Duration

You have to consider how long you would like your delegates to be on the course. You should also weigh up the options you have in sending them on an open training session, or having a company come in-house to deliver the material. Courses can be completed in as little as an afternoon, or they can take multiple days to complete. Discuss all of the possibilities with your prospective sales training companies.

Open Up the Conversation

The ultimate goal is to choose the course which is going to benefit your sales team the most. As with anything, effective and accurate research can only help your decision but it can also be extremely valuable to ask your sales team which areas of their development they feel they need to work on. Choosing a sales training course comes down to cross-referencing everything and finding the best one that fits.

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