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Sales Training Methods and Techniques

Sales Training Buyers' Guide

There are myriad different sales training methods and techniques which will claim to provide countless benefits to your delegates. In reality, each of them could work depending on the employees on the course, and the aims of the session.

The underlying theme in any good training course is to teach the sales staff to be active, rather than reactive. The most obvious way to do this is to show them techniques which allow them to take control of the business conversations with prospective clients.

Sales Training Fundamentals

The methods employed will depend on the level of experience in your sales team. However, the end goal will be the same; to arm them with the skills needed to close more sales. Active listening, negotiation, questioning techniques, and closing sales are all key skills that will be essential to a sales training course. These are the fundamentals.

Each training facilitator will employ their own methods and reflect their own personality onto the group. They have to be able to convincingly convey the sales training techniques and methods which will ultimately benefit the delegates in the room.

Interactive Sales Training Methods

With the improvement in modern technology, training courses are keen to encourage interactive elements. This can be done using online training programmes, the use of tablet computers, and Powerpoint presentations for example.

Role play methods will also encourage interactivity and will encourage your delegates to apply newly learned skills into ‘real’ situations. Role play situations are designed to give extra depth to the facilitators’ training material. If the delegate can visualise the skill in a hypothetical situation which is likely and relevant to their job role, then they are more likely to absorb it effectively. By engaging with fellow colleagues they are essentially solidifying ideas and techniques amongst them.

Delivered in this way sales training can be invaluable. Anyone can relay basic worded information, but to actively participate in the use of these newly learnt skills leaves a far deeper impression.

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