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Telesales Skills Training

Sales Training Buyers' Guide

A common misconception in the telesales world is that we sell by talking first and foremost. However, it is equally, if not more important, to actively listen to the customer. If you canít identify a need within the phone conversation, then you are not going to be able to sell the right product. Finding a positive balance between listening to the customerís needs, and replying with the right type of questioning can yield fantastic results.

Learning to Listen

Sales training will highlight, and promote these techniques. To be a successful sales person you need to have a really good grip on these fundamentals. A course that is telesales focused will more than likely set certain hypothetical scenarios in which to test your delegates listening and questioning skills.

Learning how to effectively use open, closed and limited questioning techniques to lead a business conversation will undoubtedly improve telephone manner. During the training sessions your delegates will learn how to use their voice, with things like tone and clarity being examined. A confident and friendly voice on the phone will inspire the customer to trust in the information they are receiving.

Cold Calling with Confidence

If the business practices in cold calling, then the development of these skills can be extremely beneficial. Some sales staff will have a natural hesitance when cold calling, so confidence- inducing telesales skills training can help to overcome this.

Developing Telesales Skills

Telesales skills training is designed to develop your sales team into a more productive unit. They will learn skills that they can apply to their sales opening, the pitch, and the close. Before enlisting certain staff on a training course it would be worthwhile asking your team which areas of their skills they would like to develop. The rep will put more into a course if they believe it will benefit them.

Choosing a Telesales Course

The facilitator will be experienced in training telesales staff so ask them about the content of their course. Ask if they are able to be flexible in their delivery. It is important to employee a telesales skills training company that understanduyour needs. An improvement in revenue generated and new business sales are your ultimate aims so make sure your investment is as informed as possible.

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