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How to Compare Six Sigma Training Providers

Six Sigma Training Buyers' Guide

The popularity and global interest in Six Sigma Training has grown considerably over the last few years.

Prospective Six Sigma trainees now have a wide range of options available to them when choosing a training provider because most traditional training companies have expanded their skill-sets to include Six Sigma as part of their training portfolio.

The benefits are clear:

  • Increased competition means that this type of training is more readily available at lower prices than previously offered.
  • It should therefore be easier to find a training provider that suits your individual requirements as well as your budget.
What to Look For

It is always worth doing some research to ensure that you find the training company that can best fulfill your training requirements.

  • Investigate how long a company has been offering Six Sigma and make sure that they have enough experience to offer you a comprehensive training course.
  • A quick course is not necessarily the best option: many companies now boast that they can get you certified at certain levels with only a few days in the classroom. This is all well and good and if it's a quick fix you are looking for then this may prove to be a quick and cost-effective way of gaining certification. However, the skills and techniques of Six Sigma are quite in-depth and require a lot of time and energy to grasp and implement so in some cases trainees may benefit from the extended class time of a longer course.
  • Ask for references and testimonials from past trainees and if possible ask colleagues who have trained through Six Sigma for recommendations of where to go.
  • Many companies can now offer training in 'bundles' so you can get discounts on your training if you sign up to more than one 'belt'. Before investing heavily in what can be quite expensive training it is worth spending some time thinking about which level of certification you really need. Is it worth going to an introductory course first to see if Six Sigma will be beneficial for you? Do you really need Black Belt, or is it worth going as far as Green and considering the next level further down the line?

Asking these questions and doing the right amount of research will guarantee that you will be getting the best out of your Six Sigma training.

Other Considerations

When choosing a provider make sure to consider the following points:

  • Open Course or In-House?
    You can choose for your delegates to study in a neutral location, probably with other trainees who they don't know, or pay more for a training company to train in-house to a specified number. Which of these will be more beneficial? It will certainly be more expensive for in-house training but could you and your employees get more out of a more tailored approach?
  • Duration of Course
    Is the course long enough for your training delegates to get as much experience and knowledge as possible? Or is the course unusually long? - sometimes a chance for the training company to charge as much money as possible.
  • Class Sizes on Open Courses
    Try to look for a course where the class sizes are strictly monitored. Six Sigma is a complex course and it useful to have as much support from tutors as possible. Large class sizes mean that your delegates may get lost in the crowd and not maximize the potential of their training.
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