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Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification

Six Sigma Training Buyers' Guide

Lean Six Sigma shares many of the key elements of Six Sigma Training, such as the use of the 'Belt' grading system and it has the elemental DMAIC core elements at its heart.


This is a project management methodology that breaks projects down into 5 distinct, data driven phases:

  • Define the problem and the desired outcome of the project.
  • Measure the inputs and outputs which define the process in question. Decide which data is most important to the project and set up a process for data collection.
  • Analyse the data collected to identify the relationships between inputs and outputs, the cause of variation and error and prioritisation of improvement opportunities.
  • Improve the process through creative and innovative solutions to the problems discovered. Test the solutions prior to implementation through modelling where possible and create detailed plans for implementing the solutions.
  • Monitor the improvements made to ensure continuing success.

The Lean Six Sigma system focuses on the elimination of waste from business practices and the applicability of DMAIC methodologies to that end.

Lean Six Sigma Courses

Lean Six Sigma Training is readily available from an ever increasing number of training providers within the UK. Like Six Sigma it is an internationally recognized skill-set that can help businesses to cut waste, streamline their business processes and increase profit. For the individual, Lean Six Sigma certification is an incredible thing to have on a CV and will help you to get noticed as a key employee within an existing company.

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