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What is Six Sigma Training?

Six Sigma Training Buyers' Guide

Six Sigma is a business methodology that emerged in the 1980s and has increased in popularity year-on-year. Targeted mainly towards company CEOs and other high ranking employees, Six Sigma Training focuses on improving business processes in order to increase productivity, remove errors and streamline business practices in every area of a company's daily life.

The Basics

Six Sigma practices rely on strong leadership; this is the bedrock of business efficiency and a key component developed within the Six Sigma methodology. A strong leader with a high level of Six Sigma competency will be trained to identify the areas of a business that could be improved through the implementation of a Six Sigma project. This 'leader', be it the company CEO or director through to lower ranking employees with the relevant training, will then be in a position to design a Six Sigma project that will change the established business practices thus increasing productivity and bringing benefits to the company as a whole.

Is Six Sigma Relevant to You?

Even though Six Sigma was developed within a manufacturing framework, the skills learnt through the training are relevant to every type of business. No matter what product or service your company is providing it is vital to minimise waste, eradicate defects and streamline business processes. This process, rather than being a simple cost-cutting measure, is a way to use existing resources within your business. Six Sigma will allow you to use all elements of your business, both staff and resources, to the best of their ability, streamlining the business towards maximum output and increased profit.

Six Sigma Training Options

Six Sigma Training offers a number of different learning options for companies and individuals. This training can be taken on Open Courses where delegates will be sent for training outside of their usual office environment, or through In-House Courses where a training provider will supervise training for a chosen number of delegates and, in some certain cases, be able to tailor the training to the requirements of the individual within an established company.

The different training levels of Six Sigma are:

  • Introductory Courses which establish the founding concepts of Six Sigma and introduce the key working tools required for further training and certification. This is usually a one day course.
  • Yellow Belt is a more advanced introduction which goes deeper in to the Six Sigma project structure and requirements. It examines the non-statistical tools which will lead to advanced analysis of company processes. This level can take between three to five days to complete.
  • Green Belt courses are aimed at team leaders (CEOs or high ranking employees) who will be implementing Six Sigma projects within an existing company. This is an in-depth course which will take around 15 days to complete.
  • Black Belt courses mainly examine the five components of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) which are key to implementing a successful Six Sigma project. This course can take up to three weeks to complete.
  • Master Black Belt is the ultimate challenge within the Six Sigma Training philosophy. On gaining this certification an employee now has the skills and techniques not only to implement working strategies but to supervise and train Black Belts and Green Belts.

Regardless of the size of your organisation or level of training you reqiuire, this Six Sigma Training Buyers' Guide from Buyerzone UK will provide all the knowledge you need for identifying the right course from the right training provider.

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