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Introduction to Time and Attendance Systems

Time & Attendance Systems Buyers' Guide

Time and attendance systems, also known as clocking in systems, are the ideal tool for recording employees’ working hours. You no longer need to issue, collect, check through and adjust piles of paper time sheets. The hardware of a time and attendance system combines with easy-to-use software to improve the efficiency of your business.

Consequently, more and more companies are installing time and attendance systems and benefiting from the elimination of employee time sheet errors and less paperwork. Suppliers are also offering systems to match specific industry requirements. You can have software that provides reports on absenteeism, late arrivals and overtime, for example. And your time and attendance system can form an integral part of your payroll, security, communication and fire evacuation procedures. These features save time and money.

Finding the right time and attendance system though is no simple task. there are a multitude of options whcih involve various hardware and software platforms, diferent kinds of employee identification and verification and which integrate with other systems like payroll to varying degrees.

This BuyerZone UK Time and Attendance Systems Buyers' Guide will introduce you to the main concepts behind time and attendance tracking and avail you of the main options that are worth considering. This will not only help you decide waht your requirements are from a T&A system but should also arm you with the tools for choosing the right supplier.

You can also get up to 4 quotes, absolutely free, from leading UK time and attendance system suppliers in the Buyerzone UK network.

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