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Advantages of a Time Tracking System

Time & Attendance Systems Buyers' Guide

There are a number of problems associated with tracking your employee time and attendance on paper timesheets.

  • Forgetfulness. Some employees forget to complete their timesheets regularly and have to take their best guess about when they arrived, went for lunch and left for the day. The employees or the company may lose out.
  • Rounding up. Other employees may routinely increase their hours by rounding up their times. They may do this without thinking, but a few minutes each day can be equivalent to a week or so over the course of a year. This equates to a week’s pay without the work to show for it; and if everyone in your company does the same, there’s an impact on efficiency and profits.
  • Administrative headaches. Producing an accurate total for a manual employee timesheet can be time-consuming and contentious. Employees may make mistakes, so a senior officer has to check the figures. This officer must then explain any adjustments to the staff member in time to meet the payroll deadline. If the employee isn’t available, the senior officer has to submit a revised time sheet that may reduce the amount of pay the employee expects – and this is certain to cause annoyance.
  • Maintenance of records. A company must keep paper timesheets in case problems arise in the future. You may need the sheets at a disciplinary hearing, for instance. You must therefore have secure storage, which takes up valuable office space.
How a Time Tracking System Can Help

An automated time and attendance tracking system can solve these problems. The hardware provides a point at which each employee must clock on and off; the timesheet software turns the information into a simple record of attendance.

A company starts benefiting from a time and attendance system if it has around 25 staff. Below this figure, you may feel that a system is unnecessary because the total number of employees is small enough to monitor without difficulty. But even with staff of 25 or more, you may never have had problems with timekeeping - or the nature of your business is such you don’t need the type of information a time tracking system offers.

If you want to take advantage of such a system, however, you’ll find that a basic package capable of monitoring up to 50 staff costs less than £800. A larger company usually opts for a more expensive and sophisticated system because this provides not only clocking on and off times but also the means to help manage the staff. Such assistance comes in the form of human resource reports that enable you to:

  • make decisions about complicated work rotas
  • predict staffing needs for new ventures
  • keep up to date about productivity issues
  • automatically update payroll and HR software with time and attendance data

A time and attendance tracking system can therefore help you run your business more effectively.

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