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Features of Time Management Solutions

Time & Attendance Systems Buyers' Guide

When you’re studying what each time management solution supplier can offer you, don’t forget to concentrate on the features most relevant to your business. A time management solution may have some interesting aspects, but they may not be appropriate. Instead, decide how you want the system to improve your business efficiency.

Small to medium size companies
  • Basic clocking on and off. This may be all you want from your time and attendance system. If so, there’s a good choice available.
  • Timetable Management. Most systems have a timetable feature that allows managers to develop and control timetables for each member of staff. Managers can also enter breaks and holidays within these timetables, and monitor late arrivals and sickness trends.
  • Reports. Time and attendance software can give you a wealth of detail about staff. It’s vital, though, to ensure the reports that contain this information suit your business. If you also want to audit the reports to ensure their correctness, check that the system supplier can give you the tools you need. And decide if you want a feature that makes backdated calculations. This is handy for amending mistakes.

Large companies
  • HR and growth strategies. Large companies want time management solutions that complement their strategies for HR and growth. This means that the system data must tie in with each employee’s role, place of work and any special responsibilities.
  • Productivity and forecasting. You may want piecework information about individual and group productivity. A suitable time and attendance system can provide you with appropriate reports that can also help determine current and future staffing requirements.
  • Particular needs. Certain organisations, NHS Trusts for example, work to specific procedures and regulations. These rules dictate the precise information a time and attendance system must provide. Suppliers have recognised such needs and will tell you so. But be cautious. Don’t accept an industry-specific system on the say so of the sales literature. Always ask the supplier to show you exactly what the system delivers.

One way of deciding in advance how a time and attendance system can help you is to speak with a cross section of employees and take note of their views. After all, you want the system to improve the running of your business as much as possible. And with this in mind, you may also want to ensure you can add extra features to a system as and when you need them.

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