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Time & Attendance Systems Buyers' Guide

The issue of software compatibility is crucial. The last thing you want to buy is time and attendance software that fails to work successfully with

  • your computer operating system
  • your enterprise resource planning system such as SAP
  • your databases and reporting mechanisms

You can soon receive a supplier’s answer to your enquiries about these. But it may be more difficult to establish whether a time and attendance system is suitable for

  • the needs of your payroll section or external payroll provider
  • the policies of your HR section including time and attendance regulations
  • your IT hardware

You should also confirm with the supplier that the system’s installation won’t cause any unnecessary computer down time or payroll delays, and that the software has built-in security.

Most time and attendance system suppliers will accommodate your needs. But make sure that any assurances from your chosen supplier come with a project plan flexible enough to cope with any teething problems.

The only other point to make about compatibility is to be wary of so-called “next generation” time and attendance systems. Don’t be taken in by these. You want a system that works well in your current business environment. And you want it to adapt to meet your future requirements. You don’t want a system that’ll be great in a few years’ time but of limited use here and now.

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