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Time and Attendance System Prices

Time & Attendance Systems Buyers' Guide

As mentioned earlier, a standard clocking in system for up to 50 staff can cost less than £800. For up to 250 employees, expect to pay at least £1500. If your company is large, prices will start at around £6000.

These, however, are straightforward systems that simply need a secure broadband connection. For more complex systems that provide features such as data reports and full IT integration, you’ll receive quotes well into tens of thousands of pounds, rising to £100,000 or more for a major organisation with various office locations. Any customisation you request will also increase the bill: amendments to software are invariably expensive.

But unless you’re buying a basic employee time clock, you should ask the suppliers to break down their prices into the component parts. The individual amounts should reflect

  • the features contained within the software
  • the hardware, including the number and type of readers, cards, badges or key fobs
  • the licence fees or monthly charges of an Internet based system
  • possible administration, service agreement and ongoing support costs

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