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Fire alarm systems introduction

Fire Alarm Systems Buyer's Guide

The essential purpose of any fire alarm system is to save lives. The preservation of property, stock and equipment is important but comes second to this primary function. Consequently, there are strict regulations governing the installation and use of commercial fire alarms that are the starting point if you need to buy a new system.

The principle behind the systems is to detect smoke, flames and notable temperature changes. The system then contacts an alarm receiving centre (ARC), which in turn sends a message to the Fire and Rescue Service. A fire incident may also activate an on-site siren or bell to warn people to evacuate a building, and may trigger a sprinkler system to help douse the flames.

This BuyerZone Fire Alarm Systems Buyer's Guide explains the rules and legal guidance related to fire alarm systems. It also tells you:

  • the components of a fire alarm system
  • how the monitoring system works
  • how to choose a fire alarm system dealer
  • what the system can cost you

This information will give you a clear idea of the process behind choosing and buying a fire alarm system. You can then use BuyerZone to contact fire alarm system dealers in your area free of charge.

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