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CCTV Monitors

Video Surveillance Systems Buyers' Guide

The best CCTV monitors, by almost universal agreement, are flat panel (TFT) LCD screens.


Because they

  • produce high resolution images
  • create less heat than other types of monitor
  • are space saving
  • can stay switched on for hours at a time

It's for these very reasons that modern computer screens make good CCTV monitors.

Ordinary televisions don't have the same durability so are not the best choice, but there are plenty of purpose-built CCTV monitors available. They range from 5in mini screens to 20in flat panels ideal for showing images from more than one camera.

Choosing the Right Monitors

Do ensure that the resolution of the monitor is compatible with your cameras. A low resolution monitor may spoil your cameras' images, and a high resolution monitor may be a waste of money if your cameras don't match its spec.

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