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Choosing a CRM System Supplier

CRM Software Buyers' Guide

Choosing the right CRM system for your business is not just about picking the cheapest option or the even picking the most popular package. What’s important is what it can do for your business and what you need to get from it.

Again, CRM software is not just a tool to make the lives of the sales department easier so it might be useful to think about what you need the marketing department to use it for, or how you want it to improve customer service.

Work Out What You Need

Broadly speaking, a CRM system will either be custom made or off-the-shelf. Now it depends what is right for you and your business as to which you go for but remember that the successful adoption of a system is key. Do you have the time to train your workforce in the use of a completely bespoke software package or it would it prove wiser to choose something built along more familiar and recognisable lines?


Although not always, a software supplier with specific experience with your industry may well be able to provide better advice and knowledge than one without.


Consider how much training they can offer, and how this can be rolled out across your organisation.


Can they provide adequate support? Where they are based and how soon they could get to you in the event of a problem is a consideration but it may well be more about the size of your organisation in comparison to the supplier, and whether they have the resources you will need.

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