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Establishing a budget for a CRM system can be fairly complicated. The best thing to do may be to speak to a consultant or to an established supplier willing to offer impartial advice. Once you have a fair idea of your business needs it may be possible to decide between an off the shelf or a bespoke system.

Off-the-Shelf Software

Off the shelf packages can be purchased, rented or even provided as a service for monthly user fees. User licences vary a great deal in price with some packages available for as little as 20 per user per month.

If you have your own servers, you may want to consider the purchase of software and hosting it yourself, but remember that you are still likely to be paying annual fees for software updates.

Bespoke Systems

When it comes to prices for a customised software solution, the sky really is the limit. Some suppliers may be able to adapt existing software to your needs and others may be able to provide a completely unique system built from scratch. The major factors in this will be the design and implementation costs, not to mention the development time that may be needed.

Do not forget that the requirements of your business may change a year or so down the line. No software system is future-proof but it is worth considering the scalability and adaptability of any potential system. There would be little worse than outgrowing your CRM sooner than you have allowed for and finding yourself back at square one.

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