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CRM Software Buyers' Guide

What is CRM Software?

At its most basic a CRM system is essentially a database of client data, and in fact most systems will be built on the back of any one of the more commonly used database packages...

Features and Benefits of a CRM System

Crucially, a CRM system is about looking after customers, allowing you to identify habits and build good working relationships...

Choosing a CRM System Supplier

Choosing the right CRM system for your business is not just about picking the cheapest option or the even picking the most popular package...

Implementing a CRM System

The successful implementation of a CRM system is key to its overall usefulness and benefit. This will take more than simply choosing the right system and installing it to your computer network...

CRM Software Prices

Once you have a fair idea of your business needs it may be possible to decide between an off the shelf or a bespoke system...

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