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What is CRM Software?

CRM Software Buyers' Guide

CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management software, can take several forms and may appear as a suite of specialised business applications or a bespoke platform tailored towards the specific needs of an organisation.

CRM Software Basics

At its most basic a CRM system is essentially a database of client data, and in fact most systems will be built on the back of any one of the more commonly used database packages. However what sets a CRM system apart from a simple database will be the level and array of functions it will be able to perform. These may range from the automation of simple diary reminders to complex analysis tools.

When Do You Need CRM Software?

A CRM system will probably most often be found utilised within sales departments in order to manage clients, their data and their correspondence but it can be a far more powerful tool when used across different departments, and indeed, entire organisations, to manage information.

A useful way of looking at a CRM system is to see it as a more customer-focused way of doing business: using technology as the main tool with which to store, organise and share data. It allows businesses to maintain and manage customer contact without necessarily relying on an individual sales person or team.

As well as helping to build and maintain relationships with an existing client base, CRM software can be just as useful in the search for new customers by automating marketing functions and helping you achieve closer alignment between the sales and marketing departments.

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