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What Does a Software Developer Do?

Software Development Buyers' Guide

A software developer will help you work out the best software solution available to you and your business. It is never going to be a problem with one easy answer: the software developer has many different options available to them when choosing how to tackle your requirements. These options in part refer to the different programming languages and software platforms that can be used to find a solution to a particular requirement.

Working with Software Developers

It is easy to think that software development only refers to the actual computer programming that is required when establishing a new or modified piece of software. In fact a software developer can offer so much more:

  • A good software developer will work with you to learn about your business and therefore how they can be of the most help to you.
  • After learning about the business they will offer a few suggestions as to how they think problems can be solved and solutions found and you will work together to make sure that all of your needs and requirements are on the table - communication is a vital part of the process.
  • Prototypes will be built for you to look at.
  • Testing will take place constantly so that both you and the developer know that the systems are working in the most effective way.
  • Modifications will be made based on your feedback through the process.
  • When the product is finally presented to you after a great deal of further testing you will then be able to test it yourself, online or offline, see if itís what you want. You can then present your feedback.
  • Most developers can offer a maintenance package so that once the software is in place they can be available to tinker with the software to make sure it is working in exactly the way you need it to.
A Long Term Relationship

Your relationship with your software developers is ideally a long term relationship. If your business is to grow and be successful it will require a certain amount of agility: your needs will change, the service you offer may have to be changed to keep up with the world around you, and this means that you may have to subtly change your business processes from time-to-time. Having a good developers on hand means that you will always have the ongoing support you require.

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