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An Introduction to Business Telephone Systems

Business Telephone Systems Buyers' Guide

It's almost impossible to operate a business effectively without a suitable phone system. There are few things more necessary than the ability to contact staff, customers and business associates quickly and successfully, and for them to contact you. A good business telephone system helps you achieve this and is a vital tool for communication.

What to Look for in a Phone System

When looking for a business telephone system your primary goal will be to find one that's reliable, that meets your business needs, one that doesn't cut callers off, send them to the wrong department, or frustrate them with too many push button alternatives.

You may also want a phone system that takes full advantage of the available technology. A system that will be able to, for instance:

  • tie in with your IT software
  • provide voicemail and phone conferencing facilities
  • come with hands-free units so that staff can access information on a computer while they take calls
  • allow you to expand and adapt your business in the future

It's not easy to get exactly what you want within an allocated budget. But this Business Phone System Buyers' Guide should help you come to a decision. We'll give you advice about:

  • the types of phone system on the market
  • the size of system your business needs
  • the features of business phone systems
  • what to look for in a phone system supplier
  • the price you're likely to pay
  • tips on buying the right system

Armed with this new information you'll then be ready to contact phone system suppliers and arrange to receive quotes for one of your most important pieces of business equipment.

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