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Office Phone Systems

Office Phone Systems
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Office Phone System Sizes

Business Telephone Systems Buyers' Guide

The number of lines and extensions that you need for your business dictates the size of your office phone system.


These connect you to the outside world. Each line has its own phone number, and you may feel you already have as many as you need. But the purchase of a new office phone system is the ideal chance to review this.


Remember that you need an extension not just for each phone but for each system device. These include fax machines, computer modems and payment terminals for credit and debit cards.

Office Phone System Terms Explained

The capacity rating of a key phone system may appear as two numbers. The first represents the number of lines the system can handle; the second is the maximum number of extensions. An 8 x 15 key phone system can therefore have eight outside lines and fifteen extensions.

The number of "ports" determines the capacity of a PBX phone system. These ports are connections you can use for lines, extensions or phone system accessories. So a 40 port PBX phone system can have up to 40 connected devices. Expanding an Office Phone System

If you need to expand and have a key system, you may only need to buy an additional KSU. Check with the office telephone system supplier to confirm this is possible.

With a PBX phone system, all you have to do is buy extra cards to give you further ports. If you think you'll need to expand your office phone system at some point, it's worth asking the supplier how easy it is to obtain the cards and how much they cost.

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