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Business Phone Packages and Contracts

Business Phone Lines Buyers' Guide

When you arrange a new business phone line contract with a new provider you'll probably find that not a great deal really changes.

Same Old, Same Old?

This is because you will be buying your package from a provider, but you will still be using an established phone line, probably through BT.

BT is one of the Tier 1 phone line carriers from which the business phone line providers rent the lines. The benefit to you is that these providers have the power to rent and buy these lines in bulk allowing them to pass the savings on to their customers.

This means that you often receive the same service at a discount rate.

What's New?

You will only notice a difference through your billing, customer service and repairs and this is where the benefits of choosing an alternative provider shine through.

Business telephony companies are generally smaller than BT so their customer service and repairs team are often more focused on their customers' immediate requirements.

Phone/Internet Combinations

When selecting a business phone line provider it is likely that you will be choosing a company to supply both your:

  • Business telephone calls


  • Business broadband services

Most providers will now be able to offer you packages and contracts that will cover both your telephone and your broadband requirements. Many providers will now be in a position to offer you the hardware that you require too, offering the phone systems that you need to really improve your business set up.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a phone lines provider the important factors to keep in mind are:

  • Price: It seems like the obvious way to get ahead is to go for the provider offering the cheapest Business Telephone Line package, but this sometime may prove to be a false economy. A cheap package may not include all of the elements that you will really need from your Business Telephone Package such as ongoing repair assistance and efficient customer and client services.
  • Support: Ongoing support, once your contract has been signed and the package is in place, is extremely important. Any problems with your phone lines mean that you are out of reach of your clients and customers. This downtime means that you are risking relationships: if you are not able to send emails or make phone calls your company could be seen as amateurish and unreliable.

Take time and find the provider and the package that is right for you.

Never think that the cheapest option is the best because it may cost you more in the long run. Choose a provider that offers a good deal, but one that you feel confident that will be there for you if things go wrong.

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