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Finding the Best Line Rental Deals

Business Phone Lines Buyers' Guide

Due to the competitive phone line rental you are in the perfect position to secure a fantastic deal. However, here are a few tips to help you push for the best deal possible.

Tips for Shopping Around
  • Pay upfront for your Business Phone Line deal.
    Often the Business Phone Line Provider will look to reward their customers who choose to pay for a year’s contract up front. If you have the money available and are confident about your company’s outlook then you should consider this. It will help you to shave some money off your bill if you pay upfront rather than in installments.
  • Bundle up.
    You may be able to save by getting a bundle call package or by linking your amount of calls to a broadband package. Buying multiple elements is often rewarded by lower prices.
  • Only buy what you really need.
    The choice of an ‘unlimited’ package makes everything easier: you know how much you’re going to be paying and you can use your phone and broadband as much as you like. However, do you really need it? Check to see if there is a more tailored package that will cover all of your requirements without having to pay for a really big contract that you don’t really need. Only purchase a package that fits the requirements of your business.
  • Compare your line rental with your call costs.
    If you are making lots of telephone calls then the obvious way to keep your costs down is to go for a cheap or unlimited call package that functions within your working business hours. However, if you don’t plan on making that many calls then make sure to find a deal where your line rental is cheap in order to keep costs down.
Don't Be Hasty

Take your time, speak to the providers on the phone about deals and packages, get advice and recommendations from friends and business colleagues and always push for the very best deal possible on a package that suits the requirements of you and your business.

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