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Business Phone Line Installation

Business Phone Lines Buyers' Guide

When signing up to a new provider for your business phone line contract you will most likely still be using the existing phone line which will be owned by one of the Tier 1 providers, such as BT.

Who Installs the Phone Line?

Most often this will be done through BT engineers - so even though you pay one company, you'll be relying on another (BT) for the actual work of hooking up your lines.

Of course, in most cases there's no neccessity for further lines to be installed - you simply switch accounts to the new company. The new provider will then be responsible for your billing, customer service and any repairs and maintenance that are part of your contract.

What do you need to know?

If you do find yourself in the position of needing a site visit to hook up your new phone lines then make sure you know:

  • Who's responsible for scheduling the visit - you or the phone company?
  • What happens if you miss an appointment?
  • Does the company provide a guaranteed date for installation to be completed?
  • Will they cover the cost of unanticipated parts and labour?
Upgrading Technology at the Same Time

Some providers will offer to improve the hardware of your business phone system set up. If you take them up on this then they will often provide a specialist to come in, establish your new system and give you guidance on how to get the best out of it. Larger discounts are available when you purchase a new phone system at the same time as upgrading your lines but make sure you actually need the new technology before splashing out.

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